Make a Sustainable Choice this Earth Day

Join the Earth Day 2024 celebration and dive into the world of sustainable fashion and ethical clothing. We've handpicked some of the planet-conscious brands that are dedicated to promoting a circular economy, embracing slow fashion, and standing against the fast fashion frenzy, driving the green revolution from within. Explore the commitment of brands like Barbour, Blundstone, Levi’s, Cotopaxi, and Salomon in crafting clothing, shoes, and accessories ethically and sustainably. They use vegan and recycled materials, reduce water usage in production processes, and advocate for responsible consumption.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day falls on April 22nd every year and is a moment dedicated to raising awareness in the community about environmental and sustainability issues. During this time, concrete initiatives are promoted to combat climate change, reduce water consumption, protect the environment, and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and has since become a global event engaging millions of people each year.

How to Shop More Sustainably?

Earth Day, April 22nd, 2024, is the perfect time to educate yourself and raise awareness among friends and family about environmental and ethical sustainability. Every day, we can make a sustainable choice, starting with understanding how to shop. That's why we've selected 5 brands that stand out for their commitment to sustainable fashion and clothing, leading the charge in the Green Revolution. Discover who they are!

1. Barbour and the Wax For Life Initiative

Barbour garments are crafted with care and attention to accompany you in all your daily activities. Barbour wax jackets are designed to be passed down from generation to generation, protecting the wearer from wind, rain, and the elements, always with impeccable style. To help you preserve your Barbour in the best possible way, Barbour has been promoting the Wax For Life initiative for several years now: bring your jacket to one of our Barbour Stores or our WP Stores and entrust it to the skilled hands of our staff who will re-wax the garment, restoring it to its original charm. If you prefer to re-wax from the comfort of your own home, you can order Barbour wax and follow a few simple steps to achieve a professional result. Barbour wax jackets are tough and built to withstand any challenge, but it's up to you to take care of them properly!

2. Blundstone Vegan, Sustainable Chelsea Boots

Since 2021, the Australian brand Blundstone, beloved worldwide for its casual yet elegant Chelsea boots, has introduced a vegan boot line. The Blundstone Original #2115 and #2116 are made with 100% vegan and sustainable materials, and being water and abrasion resistant, they're the perfect boots to wear on all your outdoor adventures. The onSteam inner lining ensures excellent breathability, providing maximum comfort to the wearer without any uncomfortable moisture. All materials used are certified with the Vegan Verification Mark, attesting to Blundstone's commitment to seeking innovative materials that can be developed and produced without causing unnecessary harm to the environment.

3. Cotopaxi, Gear For Good and the Del Día Project

Named after the iconic volcano in Ecuador, Cotopaxi crafts technical outdoor clothing and accessories. Loved worldwide for its vibrant colors, Cotopaxi has always been committed to promoting an ethical and sustainable business model, encouraging the creation and consumption of eco fashion. Through the Del Día project, Cotopaxi repurposes discarded fabrics from other large-scale productions to create the Del Día and Teca line models. Additionally, through the Cotopaxi Foundation, the brand provides grants to non-profit organizations supporting communities in extreme poverty, particularly in Latin America. To date, Cotopaxi has reached approximately 3.8 million people through its ethical and sustainable projects.

4. Levi’s, Ethical Clothing and Circular Consumption

When it comes to denim and jeans, the first brand that comes to mind is undoubtedly Levi’s, an icon of the fashion and streetwear world since 1852. Levi’s mission includes creating ethical clothing designed to withstand the test of time and be passed down from generation to generation. For this reason, Levi’s business model is based on three fundamental points: climate, consumption, and community. Since 2011, Water<Less project, Levi’s has been committed to minimizing water consumption and recycling at least 20% of the water used in production processes. Since 2021, the San Francisco-based brand has launched the Buy Better, Wear Longer campaign, promoting conscious purchasing choices. Levi’s is part of Fashion for Good, which helps brands, distributors, and suppliers create jeans with recycled materials and using renewable resources, in a circular economy perspective.

5. Salomon, Responsible Outdoor Clothing

Born for the outdoors and quickly becoming a must-have for all street style enthusiasts, Salomon creates sneakers, clothing, and technical accessories with an unmistakable style, designed to enhance your outdoor adventures in the most sustainable way possible. Since 2020, Salomon has been pursuing its circular economy goals following the principles of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, using safe, renewable, or recycled raw materials. Salomon has created some of the first 100% recyclable running shoes and the first 100% recyclable ski/snowboard helmet, increasingly becoming a reference point in the sportswear industry. Among the brand's goals is also the important objective of reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, reaching net zero by 2050.

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