Mastermind and Baracuta redefine streetwear

One of the most anticipated collaborations of the year is finally back: Mastermind x Baracuta, an exclusive fusion of Japanese design and British charm. This exclusive capsule collection is a true must-have for all street style enthusiasts. Baracuta's most iconic models, including the G9 Harrington Jacket and the G4, take on a new character with the punk and contemporary details from Mastermind. Discover more about this release that combines British and Japanese heritage.


Mastermind reimagines Baracuta's most iconic pieces with a fresh and contemporary perspective. The original G9 Harrington Jacket and the G4, two classics of British clothing, transform into modern oversized outerwear, featuring the iconic Mastermind skull on the back. Mastermind enhances the G9 by placing its distinctive logo inside the zippered sleeves, while the cuffs of the G4 are embroidered with the names of both brands. The release also includes a new hoodie with unique and meticulous details: Baracuta's logo on the hood, the indispensable Fraser Tartan inside, Mastermind's logo on the front, and the brand's signature with the embroidery of the iconic umbrella back yoke on the back. A simple piece that becomes an icon.


The collaboration between Mastermind and Baracuta is unique because it seamlessly blends British and Japanese culture, giving rise to innovative models that unite tradition and contemporary style. Both brands stand out for the meticulous attention to detail in their garments, such as Mastermind's skull logo, subtle ribbed hems, and embroideries with the brand names. What sets this capsule apart is undoubtedly the ability to unite two different genres, two distinct yet complementary cultures, the great creativity of the designs, and the commitment to offering quality craftsmanship

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