The perfect mid-season jacket? Look no further than Barbour.

Yesterday was sunny, today it's pouring. Freezing in the morning, sweltering by noon. Spring, much like fall, keeps us guessing, and the eternal question arises: “What do I wear?”

But fear not, we've got the answer, at least when it comes to the perfect spring outerwear for those in-between days when summer heat and winter storms clash: it's none other than the Barbour jacket!

More than just a raincoat

Among leather jackets, the famous rock & roll biker jacket, and elegant trench coats, the Barbour wax jacket stands out as a must-have for spring 2024. From classic models like the Beaufort, Ashby, and Bedale for men or the Beadnell for women, to more contemporary cuts like the Spey, with its almost cropped style, also available in a fresh patchwork version, Barbour offers a wide collection of wax jackets that blend style and functionality. Born for the English countryside, Barbour presents waterproof and windproof wax jackets that have quickly become favorites not only of the British royal family but also of many celebrities. Trendsetter Alexa Chung has even collaborated with the brand on numerous iconic capsule collections, while Emily Ratajkowski was spotted in New York wearing a bright red Bedale from the Barbour x Noah collection. In Italy, recent sightings include Alice Pagani and Anna Foglietta, the latter strolling through the streets of Rome in one of the models from the Barbour x GANNI line. The South Shields-based English brand also offers heavier, quilted jackets, lightly padded, like the Liddesdale, Woodhall, Tobymory, Daveron, and many others, available in different lengths and perfect for layering.

How to style your favorite Barbour

Originally a sporty jacket but quickly becoming a staple in mid-season wardrobes, Barbour continues to captivate it-girls and fashion enthusiasts alike. British charm, elegance, and functionality seem to win over everyone. But how to best style the classic Barbour wax jacket, with its corduroy collar and spacious front pockets?

You can't go wrong with a long turtleneck sweater, like those offered by C.T. Plage, in a variety of different colors, and a nice pair of skinny jeans, like the 100% cotton denim ones from Amish. But also with a mid-length pencil skirt, like the Needles models, in delicate spring colors. The casual and sporty Barbour jacket also pairs perfectly with a mini dress, like the colorful designs from Sea New York and Le Mont Saint Michel. For those who prefer a more relaxed mood, pairing the Barbour with a button-down shirt, like those from B.D. Baggies, and a pair of Levi's jeans is always the right choice.

Barbour remains the perfect spring jacket to rock. How you style it depends on your mood and personality, but getting it wrong? Impossible! Check out the Barbour models we've handpicked for you: not just wax jackets, but also quilted pieces, vests, and hoodies. Pick your favorite!

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